How unpredictable everything is. There are no definite patterns for anything really. Even if we try to label things, group similar situations, behavioral patterns, you can never predict how you’re gonna react to what comes next. Life! Harder I try to take control, worse it becomes. 

I am tired of commenting on society patterns, the oh so judging commenting people. But I’m those people for others… Aren’t I? Did I do anything differently? Maybe I think I did. But facts are different. Who knows?! Maybe I did. 

There are no patterns whatsoever. Grey zone doesn’t entertain any pattern. There are exceptions, and then those become a pattern. I am trying to love the unpredictability. Bring it on you bitch (life) …. I am strong enough to take you on… Presenting my thoughts to the world… Out in the open. Don’t care… Don’t give a fuck. Don’t give a damn about anything else other than my peace of mind. 

No more patterns. No more holding onto what has happened till now… New day, new start, new life, nee unpredictable events! 

Cheers to patterns in the past to which I bid goodbye! 


Hi, hello, hey there…

Cheesy lines, attention grabbed, impression made.

I am this, I am that. I have done this, I have done that.

This is my history, geography, philosophy.

I like this, I like that. I want to do this, I want to do that.

Let’s do this. Let’s do that.

Expectations, sparks, clashes, hopes, dreams, doubts, realities.

Reminiscence, moments, thoughts shared.

Scared to take the plunge, scared to lose it all…

Pessimistic me, hopeless him.

What next? Pace up? Peace out?

Thousand means of communication, no conversation.

Reading old chats, seeing old pictures.

Not enough, not helping, not moving on.

Strangers, now with memories.

and we start over… again!


We all met while traveling. Never thought that we would be so closely knit as we are today.
First few meetings were only during treks, or camping trips. Then the frequency increased, we started meeting for planning trips, booking tickets, movies, dinner, etc.

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Steve McCurry – Inspiration

I am sure everyone is aware of this picture called “Afghan Girl” taken by Steve McCurry. This legendary photograph was shot in 1984. In 2002, McCurry met the same female and shot her picture again. The whole story is one interesting read.


Steve McCurry has taken some breath-taking shots in our own country. Here is the link to such collection. His photographs speak a lot to me. He is one the greatest photographers of our times, and his work is mostly based in Indian subcontinent.